Art.6 The aim of the Association is to bring together Greek and Romanian Expert Surgeons, with a view to improving medical performance and facilitating free access to modern medical information while promoting the values of medical profession.

Art. 7 The Association anticipates upgrading the efficiency and quality of medical practice, education and training, as well improving activities related to the hospitalization of surgical patients, as a result of the collaboration between Roman and Greek surgeons.

Art. 8 To achieve its purpose and objectives, the Association may proceed to the following:

  1. a) promoting research and study of surgical diseases;
  2. b) facilitating the exchange of ideas of surgical interest through scientific meetings and personal contacts between Expert Romanian and Greek Surgeons;
  3. c) establishing collaboration between specialized departments/clinics of Romanian and Greek Medical Centers, in order to promote the methods of surgical methods and surgical treatment;
  4. d) raising the awareness of legal bodies and central and local authorities in Romania and Greece for the support of the Association in order to fulfill its objectives;
  5. e) providing guidance, collaboration and consultancy for Expert physicians and their activities in the specific field for the treatment of various specific diseases;
  6. f) promoting collaboration of academic and research medical institutions with other professional or scientific organizations from both countries, as well as from other European or non-European countries, in order to meet the purposes of the Association;
  7. g) providing fellowships to physicians who, with the specialized knowledge they will acquire, will contribute to meeting the purpose of the Association. Organizing scientific competitions with awards;
  8. h) informing the public about the issues and the purpose of the Association,
  9. i) organizing or/and participating with its members in social actions within the country or abroad related to education/training, awareness raising, presenting results in the specific field, such as: congresses, conferences, scientific meetings, workshops, round table discussions etc. or, depending on occasional circumstances, facilitating their participation in similar events held either within the country or abroad;
  10. j) creating and developing online services: email, web directory, databases with information and multimedia tools (documents, videos, presentations etc.) from congresses, conferences, scientific meetings, workshops, providing a personal account for each member. According to the access rights of each member, there will be the potential for them having access to the above services;
  11. k) sending newsletters, informative material, journals with topics of interest to the Association;
  12. l) supporting postgraduate professional training of natural persons who are active in this field. Organizing hands-on courses and seminars for professional multidisciplinary-specialization;
  13. m) promoting activities aiming at raising funds for technological modernization, upgrading special technical infrastructure in medical specialties directly involved in activity areas of the Association;
  14. n) promoting activities aiming at financing research (facilitating contacts with consultants who prepare various projects, investors, producers, financial institutions, banks, commercial companies etc. in the country or abroad) dealing with substantial topics that are of high interest to the Association;
  15. o) taking the initiative of any legal actions in order to implement the activities of the Association, promote the objectives of the Association and its members and acquire essential resources;
  16. p) managing resources for individual or collective fellowships for the Society members who present excellent results in the fields of interest of the Association;
  17. q) conferring awards to both Society members and some persons outside the Society, for conducting exceptionally high-quality clinical or/and scientific studies in the areas of activity of the Association;
  18. r) providing honorary recognition of national and international personalities who with their contribution contribute to promoting the objectives of the Association.
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