Membership requirements

1) How to become a member

Everyone seeking membership in the Hellenic-Romanian Society of Surgery “HEROES” should present a proven track-record of valuable scientific, clinical and research contribution to Surgical science or to other specialties related to surgery, publications, announcements and participations in congresses, educational and upgrade training courses at the leading centers practicing Surgery.
No later than a month before the General Assembly, a candidate shall submit an application to the Secretary’s Office of the Company co-signed by TWO regular members of the Company, as well as a resume thereof.

The membership application of a candidate shall be considered by the Board of Administration of the Company and approved by the absolute majority of votes of the regular members present at the General Assembly of the company.

New member’s application

The Members of the “HEROES” Society are either regular or honorary


Besides the founding members, resident surgeons are allowed to be elected on condition that they obtained Surgical specialty at least a year before.
Those interested in becoming regular members shall submit a membership application to the Secretary’s office of the company, and the Committee considering the candidacies shall propose candidate-members for a vote at the General Assembly.
The founding members shall become regular members of the Company automatically.


Prominent scientists related to Surgery who have been distinguished for their overall contribution ιn achieving the goals of the Company.

Membership in “HEROES” is not allowed to the persons who:
1) by decision of a court, has been deprived of the right to freely set up any association of persons, as long as such deprivation of the right is in force,
2) has been deprived of the civil and political rights thereof as a result of legal conviction,
3) in case of irrevocable conviction for whatsoever felony offence.
The Regular Members are obliged to pay annual fee.

2) Rights and Obligations

Members of the Society have the following rights:
– to elect and to be elected members of the managing bodies of the Society,
– to be informed about all activities conducted by the Society,
– to participate in the organization and carrying on of Society’s activities
– to propose activities and to participate in the achieving the Society’s goal.
– to represent the Society by written proxy in the discussions and activities conducted within the country and at the international level.

Members of the Society have the following obligations:
– to comply with the By-Laws of the Society and with the decisions approved thereby
– to pay participation fee in the amount set by the General Assembly,
– to actively participate in the proper operation of the Society and to contribute to the promotion of the Society profile.
– to immediately inform all Society bodies with regard to the actions taken thereby as Representatives, as well as of all events that might be in the interests and to the benefit of the Society.
– to abstain from whatsoever action that might be to the detriment of the Society objective and profile.
The quality of a Society member shall be no more in force after a withdrawal and a written notice given to the Chairman, after an expulsion, death and discontinuation of the Society activities.
Pursuant to the By-Laws, the violation of obligations shall entail one of the set forth below sanctions:
– a rebuke
– a written report
– an exclusion
A decision on imposition of sanctions shall be taken by the Administration Board. The Board shall present arguments for the sanction to the defaulter or to a representative thereof in case the member is a legal entity.
Within 10 days after the notice, an appeal against a sanction can be referred to the General Assembly and the latter shall pass a relevant decision at the immediately following meeting.

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